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Once you own a Maine Coon you will never go back to any other breed. There personalitys are different to any other breed. 

The Maine Coon is the largest domestic cat and they take up to 4 years to fully mature. Maine Coons love water and like to splash in any bowl, puddle or drippingtap. They make excellent companions  as they are very affectionate and co-habit well with other pets and children. 

My kittens are born and raised in the house getting handled daily and subjected to lot’s of cuddles. Due to this the kitten’s grow up robust, full of character, and usualy slot 

into their new home VERY quickly. 

About us:- My name is Leanne Fox, I live in a small Market Town called Ulverston in the Lake District, Cumbria, England. 

I own a fashion Boutique called PURE, 

(website :- and also teach craft to adults with learning difficulties.

I have 3 children, Connor, Zoe and Mathew. 

We have lots of fury friends, along with our Maine coons. We have Domino, a black and white moggy who had been injured in a road traffic accident. While vaccinating my kittens the vet informed me that he urgently needed an owner for Domino as the current owner could not be found and he had a badly broken leg. So he came home with me. 

We have a Husky puppy who is desperate to play with my less than willing kitties. 

We also have a Hamster and lots of fish. My house is more like a petting zoo!

I started breeding Maine Coons in 2003 and I am now hooked. 

All my cats and kittens are very fond of my youngest,  Mathew.

They follow him around the room and cry at the door 

when he leaves (as you can see by all the photo’s).